Social Media Management

Everywhere you turn, someone’s trying to tell you how your business can leverage social media for increased sales, and there are plenty of websites that claim to have everything you need to know to build your brand.  But how do you translate information designed for corporate American to your not-for-profit animal rescue, shelter, advocacy group or animal control agency?  And why should you even try?

If you’re a municipal agency, then you know that featuring adoptable pets is only part of your story.  You do more than that – much more, and your community needs to know it. We can help you:

  • #1 Establish your agency as a resource in the community
  • #2 Publicize your organization’s goals and challenges so people understand the path you are on
  • #3 Promote your staff’s professionalism as well as that of the industry
  • #4 Enhance your enforcement efforts with ordinance-specific education and awareness
  • #5 Deliver enhanced customer service and open new avenues of communication

Rescue groups and private shelters, are you using your social media to its full potential?  Not just for adoptable pets anymore, social media can help you grow your organization quickly and effectively.  We can help you:

  •  #1 Reach new markets and grow your donor base
  • #2 Increase adoptions across the board
  • #3 Recruit volunteers
  • #4 Build your reputation in the community
  • #5 Provide humane education

Advocacy groups that don’t handle adoptable pets often struggle with their social media efforts, citing the lack of “warm fuzzies.” More often than not, those heartwarming stories are there, they just need some guidance to find them. We can help your advocacy organization:

  • #1 Reach new markets and cultivate new donors
  • #2 Build goodwill and safeguard your reputation
  • #3 Highlight your organization’s expertise
  • #4 Further your mission through education and awareness
  • #5 Mobilize your community with specific calls to action

Whatever your goals are for social media, we can help you create a balanced program to reach those goals – one that your entire team can be proud of.

Already have a program, but not meeting your mission goals or expectations?  We can help you find the balance you need to achieve your objectives.

We can help get you started, choose your channels, establish safeguards, develop reporting tools, ensure compliance, and increase return on your investment. Let’s get started.  Call today.

A goal without a planis just a wish