Information you need to help prevent lost pets

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, and it’s not too late to start talking about what pet owners need to do to prevent lost pets, and how to best go about finding them if they go missing.

Here are some links and ideas you can use on your organization’s website to help educate the public about this very emotional issue.

Found Animals is a non-profit dedicated to keeping pets in homes. They have some great information on the importance of microchipping and identification, as well as a free microchip register.

ASPCA Pro has some good research for data-heads on the importance of keeping current tags on your pets.

American Humane has a lesson plan specifically for educators – in schools, summer camps, and even in the home – about the importance of keeping visible identification on your pet

The national return rate on lost pets in somewhere in the range of 2%. Where cats are concerned, most people look in the wrong places, the wrong way, and give up way too early. Kat Albrecht wrote the book on lost pets and this is some great information for cat owners (for dog groups, there are pages you can share about lost dog behavior, intersection alerts, and posters that actually work).

If nothing else, at least consider posting a list of area shelters and their phone #s, and Facebook lost & found groups that pet owners can print and save – in case they ever need it.

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